FORVIL shares 5 tips for tying your hair up without damaging it

Whether it's a bun or a ponytail, for many of us, tying up our hair is a gesture we don't even pay attention to anymore, as it's so much a part of our daily lives.

And yet, it can have very harmful effects on our hair. That's why FORVIL gives you its 5 tips for tying your hair up without damaging it.

  1. Avoid metal and rubber accessories

We're referring here to the trusty black elastic band we often have around our wrists. Often fitted with a metal clip, these hair elastics tend to damage the hair fiber. As the hair tangles easily in them, the first reflex is to pull out the hair to remove them. These elastics also tend to wear down or even break the hair fiber, creating split ends. So opt for flexible elastics to avoid the aggressive friction that damages your hair fiber. This is the perfect opportunity to bring out your '90s scrunchies, the hair accessory that's been on trend for several seasons now!

  1. Be gentle!

A basic piece of advice that's still valid when it comes to your hair: be delicate!  When tying it up, don't go round and round with your elastic, and don't pull too hard on your hair. Let it breathe! Likewise, if you want to flatten your hair - a very trendy style this year - use styling products rather than your strength and comb.

  1. Mix and match hairstyles!

There are thousands of chignon and braid styles, such as the herringbone braid, the African braid and so on. If you tie your hair up on a daily basis, don't always put your accessories in the same place, as this can deeply sensitize part of your hair.

  1. Look for new accessories!

Whether you have long or short hair, you'll find a variety of accessories for your hair. You can opt for a loose ponytail with a pretty scarf. If your hair gets in the way on a daily basis, use a headband or turban, very much in fashion this season! In short, vary the pleasures - it's good for your hair and good for your morale!

  1. Use the opportunity to repair your hair

Even if tying up your hair isn't necessarily recommended, at least on a daily basis, you can still take advantage of the opportunity to repair it. When you're doing your plating, take the opportunity to do an oil bath, so that your plating looks shinier and your hair is nourished. Another tip: to prevent your hair from becoming brittle or split, only tie it up when it's completely dry, as humidity makes it very fragile.
In conclusion, you can of course continue to tie your hair, but take care to choose your accessory carefully so that it doesn't damage your hair fiber. Above all, let your hair breathe when you can!

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