Creation of the FORVIL brand.
Merger of the pharmaceutical brand DOCTEUR PIERRE, founded in 1837 and renowned for its toothpastes, and the perfumery FORVAL created by Léo FINK, co-founder of Parfum D'Orsay.


The FORVIL perfumes were so successful that the brand decided to launch itself into the world of cosmetics.


The FORVIL brand now has 211 references: 45 perfumes, 34 colognes, 32 powders, 12 beauty milks and creams, 1 lipstick, 5 shampoos, 9 glosses, 1 spray, 3 fixatives, and other cosmetic products.


Lydia FINK, daughter of Leo FINK, takes over the management of FORVIL as President and Chief Executive Officer and emphasizes the brand's activity in the hair care sector.


FORVIL advertisement for the "Poème" brillantine in the magazine Paris Match.


From 1966 to 1969, the FORVIL Company gradually died out, a victim of the increasing power of competition during the 30 glorious years.


FORVIL is reinventing its product line and positioning as a century-old, expert, elegant and natural hair brand.


FORVIL is officially relaunching on the French and international market.