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Multi-action care protocol

Multi-action care protocol

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Composed of the Renovating Cream Mask and the Nutritive Radiance Oil, this protocol is designed to reveal the beauty of healthy hair.
The concentrated formulas of active plant ingredients immediately restore softness, vitality and shine to the hair.


The Renovating Cream Mask nourishes, revitalizes and detangles the hair. Hair becomes silky, shiny and delicately scented with citrus notes.

The Nutritive Radiance Oil strengthens, protects and brings shine to the hair. Hair becomes soft, supple and subtly scented with delicious fruity notes.

How to use

Daily use:
Scoop a generous amount of Renovating Cream Mask with the spatula provided into the capsule.
Add 2 to 5 drops of Nutritive Radiance Oil and mix.
On washed and towel-dried hair, apply the mixture from the lengths to the ends, detangling carefully.
Leave on for 5 to 7 minutes, then rinse.

Intense treatment:
Before washing, apply a generous amount of Radiance Nutritive Oil from roots to ends.
For proper absorption, gently massage into scalp in a circular motion and detangle lengths and ends.
Leave on under a warm towel for at least 20 minutes.
Wash hair as usual, including the daily use of the protocol.
Before blow-drying, apply a few drops of Nutritive Radiance Oil to the ends, then dry normally.


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